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From One Generation to the Next

In the Beginning:

Over 30 years ago, my father, Bill Bouck founded Bouck Management Associates, Inc. He recognized that offering management services to volunteer-based organizations. By lifting the operational duties off of an organization’s leadership, they could focus more on driving the organization towards its vision. Coming from the hospitality industry, my father brought with him an edge when negotiating hotel contracts and putting on conferences for his clients.

In the Middle:

At age 18, I, Justin, began helping with the meetings. I started off in the trenches, so to speak, running A/V for my dad. It didn’t take long before I wanted to do more, so I  began running the exhibits-side of the business. After several years of “helping out,” I finally joined the family business full-time and began serving our clients in a more strategic fashion.

Present Day:

Today, my father and I still work together, although, my father likes to call himself “retired.” 

Because today’s association world is becoming more reliant on technology you can find me online reading up on the latest trends in the industry and placing bets on what the association landscape is going to look like in 10 years.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime, using the messenger app attached to this site or on LinkedIn. I’m always looking to talk shop.


Justin Bouck

Why work with BMA.

Where we came from...

  • 2019
    Launching R&D projects that will create new lucrative non-dues revenue streams by leveraging cutting-edge technologies available today.
  • 2017
    Justin officially becomes President of Bouck Management Associates, Inc.
  • 2015
    BMA is asked to deliver a keynote presentation on the importance of technology in the association world and how to keep up in today's digital environment.
  • 2012
    We begin to express the significance of technology in the association world and manifesting ways to leverage it for the benefit of our clients and their members.
  • 2010
    We preemptively begin planning new non-dues revenue opportunities to off-set the incoming rapid decline of educational grants.
  • 2000 - 2009
    Justin joins his father part-time while finishing school and working full-time.
  • 1989 - 2008
    Bill began building toward his vision of an association management company that provides a premium and personalized service.
    December 31, 2019