Alexa for Associations

Image of Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Alexa caption.

This week, we successfully launched a new membership outreach campaign for one of our clients, officially incorporating Alexa for associations.

Using verbal commands, any Alexa-responsive device such as an Echo, will now provide members with up-to-date information from their association. Examples of this would be: dates for upcoming conferences and weekly legislative updates.

We want to provide a simple way for members to find answers without distractions. Using Alexa allows members to get answers to these questions on there own time. It also helps keep the member engaged and focused on the association.

We strongly believe that allowing members to pull information will quickly outpace the results from pushing information on to them.

These are exciting times and leveraging technology, like Alexa, is the age we are living in. We see a significant portion of the association industry that is not positioned to capitalize on this technology. If an association is not capturing its members’ time, then someone else is.