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Running a Successful Association
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You know better than anyone, associations are a lot of work. If I were to guess, you’ve probably worn about 17 hats since you’ve been involved. Chances are, some of those roles have been exhaustively time-consuming, or just flat out not fun, am I right?

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From: the Desk of Justin Bouck
Updated: 10/30/2019
Location: Tampa, Florida

Dear Association Professional,

If you’ve made it this far, it is likely that you have determined your association could benefit from the consult of professional management. 

Running an association is tough work and is incredibly hard on volunteers who are already dealing with a full plate. Juggling your volunteer association duties, career, and a personal life can create an enormous strain on your life. And, if we are being honest, volunteer duties likely take the backseat when one of those other areas really heat up. We see it happen all the time.

Great example: Have you ever been in a Board meeting and felt like everyone was on “fire?” Great ideas are flying, energy is high and you just know that what is discussed will take the society to the next level. Except…once everyone gets back into their normal life routines, those great ideas become fading memories, the energy subsides, and that fire is slowly (or quickly) extinguished. There is a saying: “where focus goes, energy flows.” Many times, this means away from the association.

But, that’s not your fault, associations should be run like businesses. It’s impossible to expect associations to truly flourish when you are consistently forced to choose between dinner with the family or taking a conference call to discuss annual meeting marketing efforts. Or, maybe choosing to grab lunch with a potential client versus drafting emails for a membership retention campaign. Want to guess which of those choices, I think you would rather be doing?

Now, imagine if you could capture that energy and allow those great ideas to turn into action and allow that fire grow and rally into the next meeting, and then the next…that’s where we come in. Focus on your career and your family and let us capture your innovations and ideas and bring them to reality.

I know this is a big ask, and turning over operations to someone outside your leadership team can create some anxiety. I will be up front with you– there will be roadblocks. There will be hurdles. But, I can assure you that we will work hand-in-hand to overcome these obstacles, and together, will exceed the expectations you envision for your society. As trust builds, so will our momentum and synergy.